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We can help improve your landscape by getting rid of the trees that are making your home look bad. Our business is licensed, insured, and we also provide free estimates for our tree trimming service. We have competitive pricing and even offer 24-hour emergency services.

If you are in need of our stump or tree removal services, contact us today by calling (847) 224-4517!

Tree Removal

Doing tree cutting project all on by yourself is not a wise move to do. Without enough knowledge and skills in tree removal, you might only be making a lot of mistakes that can be costly to deal with. It could either be an expensive structural damage or a threat to your personal safety. For this reason, you need to find a professional tree service to take over the job for you. If your residential or commercial property situation demands an immediate tree removal service, we suggest you hire our services right away at DM Tree Service Inc.. We are offering quality tree services to our clients residing in Des Plaines, IL and . Make no hesitation and choose to partner with us. Here is more to know about our reputable tree company.

Our years of experience had helped us make great improvements in our service methods and procedures. We have also become more strict with our safety rules and regulations during tree service operations. In addition, our team at DM Tree Service Inc. is complete with all the resources needed for tree removal. Every time you hire us, there is no need not look for quality equipment and machinery to use.

To avoid risks of great financial loss, avoid hiring inexperienced amateurs to handle your tree cutting project. Always choose to deal with a licensed and certified professional who won’t let you down with your specific demands and requirements. Our team has been working in the industry for many years already, thus, making us highly reliable and trustworthy. Prioritize the safety of your home by hiring us to serve you.

For your every need in professional tree service, don’t hesitate to hire professionals from our reputable tree company in Des Plaines, IL. To get in touch with us, please don’t forget to give us a call right away at (847) 224-4517. We are looking forward to serving you!

Stump Removal

If you want to see healthy tree growths in your property the whole year round, you will need to hire the service of a licensed tree contractor. Hiring our professional tree service will help you determine potential tree problems in the earliest time. Thus, you’ll be saved from dealing with worst tree issues later on. To keep your trees in good health and shape, start your regular tree service schedule with our licensed professionals right away. Our tree company has been highly dedicated and committed to helping homeowners and business clients when it comes to professional tree care and maintenance. DM Tree Service Inc. is locally operating in Des Plaines, IL today. If you live near the area, don’t hesitate to call us right away for your emergency needs.

Planning to improve your landscape by planting additional trees around? Let our team help you start the tree planting project and your further needs in tree care and maintenance. With top-grade tools and equipment to use, we can best deliver fast and accurate results for you.

For complex tree works like a stump removal work, never attempt on doing the job on your own because it will only cause you a lot of trouble. Hire us instead and get the job done right the first time. Stumps need to be removed right away before it can lead to a lot of troublesome issues around your home. The best way to get rid of stumps is by hiring a professional and efficient service. And that’s exactly what we are offering you at DM Tree Service Inc.

Our professional tree service has been the primary choice of most landowners from the local areas in Des Plaines, IL and the neighboring places in . Hire us too and get your outdoor completely improved. Hiring our tree service will not only encourage healthy tree growths but also improves your landscape appearance. Choose to work with our team and you’ll never regret your decision.

To book a service with us today, feel free to give us a call at (847) 224-4517 right away.

Tree Trimming

Tree trimming service could have different benefits. One of the most important reasons is keeping your family safe. Dead branches can fall anytime, putting the nearby power lines, buildings, and people at risk! Maintaining the healthy trees and removing the dead ones is the easiest course of action. But, depending on the location of the branches and the size of the tree to be trimmed, this task can be dangerous. In order to ensure your personal safety, DM Tree Service Inc. in Des Plaines, IL recommends employing our professionals because of these:

Tree structure and development.

There are various reasons why trimming a dead tree is important. Tree trimming service influences in what way the trees grow. With proper tree trimming, trees can be made to grow into a certain configuration of branches and limbs that are more ideal for the tree’s structural integrity. Maintaining the tree’s structure helps minimize the risks of falling branches and broken limbs. Well-pruned trees will not have improper weight distribution and dead branches that can affect the tree’s lifespan in the future.

When is the right time to trim?

It’s important that pruning should be done during the dormant season. It’s during this season that your trees are least susceptible to harm that can result from pruning. Also, trees are susceptible to stress and trimming their branches does cause damage to the entire tree. However, when your trees are dormant, fewer branches are lost. They’re dormant because fungus and insects are less likely to cause further damages. Other certain species of tree require different approaches to proper pruning and accurate timing. If you’re in doubt, call our local tree trimming service company in Des Plaines, IL.

Less is also important!

It’s also advisable not to prune too much off a healthy tree. You want to remove the smallest amount in order to achieve your desired effects. Never prune the crown of the tree because this is where most of its leave are located and gets its energy. You run the risk of damaging the tree if you pruned too much! For more information about our services, contact DM Tree Service Inc. at (847) 224-4517.

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