DM Tree Service

While trees can add value to a home, they can also cause a home to lose value if it will affect the house. If you have a tree in your yard that is hanging over the house and potentially unstable, you are in need of a professional tree service like DM Tree Service INC. to either trim the tree or remove it in order to protect your house and those inside.

Tree and Stump Service

Did you know that even if you have cut down a tree in your yard and have only left the stump that there is a still a chance it can grow back? Trees have roots that go down into the ground and can spread far and wide, these roots are also the life of the tree and can help it grow! With our tree stump removal service, we will not only remove the stump but also the roots.

Areas We Serve

No one likes having damage to their home or even worrying about the worst case scenarios if something does happen - like the tree falling down in the yard or maybe it rotting and causing a pest infestation. Don't have this occur to your home, our tree care experts are here to help!

Choose The Professionals

Our tree service professionals have been in this business since 1990, and we focus on providing safe and quality services. We are a licensed and insured business in Des Plaines, IL. We offer free estimates to our clients, along with 24-hour emergency services!

If you need a tree or stump removal service in Des Plaines, IL, call DM Tree Service INC. at (847) 224-4517 today!

We Service Many Locations

DM Tree Service INC. has been in this business since 1990, specializing in tree service. We provide these services to the people in the Des Plaines, IL area, and we have even expanded our business so that we are more available by serving the surrounding areas as well. These areas include:

Golf, IL;
Northfield, IL;
Glencoe, IL;
Rosemont, IL;
Harwood Heights, IL;

No matter the size or condition of the tree, our experts can help by trimming, cutting, and removing it for you!