Give Your Overgrown Trees a Trim

Schedule tree trimming services now for picture-perfect trees in Des Plaines, Elk Grove Village & Glenview, IL

When your tree branches and leaves grow too much, they start to look messy. You might even notice trees with such thick leaves and branches that light and wind barely pass through them. If your trees are this thick, then time to turn to DM Tree Service INC. We provide tree trimming services in the Des Plaines, Elk Grove Village & Glenview, IL area. You can trust us to cut back overgrowth and help your trees thrive.

What can we do for your trees?

No matter what kind of tree trimming services you need, you can count on us to provide them. We've been serving Des Plaines and Glenview, IL for more than 20 years. Our licensed, insured team can keep your trees healthy and beautiful with residential or commercial tree trimming.

We can handle tasks like:

Standard trimming, to neaten shaggy trees
Elevation pruning, to remove low tree limbs that are blocking pathways or roads
Thinning, to allow light and air to better circulate through trees

Contact us now to arrange for reliable residential or commercial tree trimming services. You can call 847-224-4517 or email us.